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Keeping your chimney properly lined is essential to a safe home on Long Island NY. A chimney liner provides proper insulation and helps prevent toxic gases in your chimney from entering the home. If a chimney liner is not installed properly or if it is damaged the toxic gases could enter the home or cause a puff back , a large quantity of harmful smoke filling the home, which is extremely dangerous and can cause serious smoke damage. Routine service of the chimney can help prevent any major malfunctions of the chimney.

While we commonly think of a masonry chimney as a permanent structure, practically impervious to damage, that’s not the case. Without a proper liner and annual maintenance, the toll can be a heavy one.

Sulfur soot forms on the inner wall of your chimney. This sulfur-laden soot combines with moisture in the flue. This forms an acid mixture which attacks your chimney, eroding your flue tiles and mortar joints. This leaves dangerous voids and allows the sulfuric acid mixture, which attacks your chimney. Your last line of defense against deadly sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide poisoning. Additional danger exists as chimney debris or silt falls to the bottom of your chimney. This can eventually plug the chimney, allowing dangerous gases to enter your home.

Installing new, high quality stainless steel liners will vent this dangerous sulfuric soot efficiently and with maximum safety. Common symptoms to look for inside the home are: silt in the chimney, soot floating in the house, odor, flaking plaster, damp patches. Outside symptoms are white stains on brick, eroded mortar joints, and deteriorating bricks.

It has become quite popular for homeowners to convert from oil to gas heating.

State enforces a law which mandates liner systems!

There are many things to consider before an accurate estimate for a chimney liner can be produced. The size, length and diameter need to be measured as well as the size of the burner being used and other appliances like a hot water heater that may use the same chimney. The condition of the inside of the chimney also play a big role in determining a price so please don’t accept a price given by phone. There have been companies that will tell you a low price to get their foot in the door and that price will change once they are there. Don’t take phone estimates seriously and don’t accept an estimate that isn’t written out or detailed regarding material. We have pulled out SO MANY BAD LINERS and it’s so sad.

Call us for a free estimate, we will:

  • Show you why you need the liner
  • Show you what information we used to create the estimate
  • Provide literature on the materials we use and explain warranty
  • We will ALWAYS answer any and ALL questions, no problem!

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