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Vent Caps: Mice, Rats and Squirrels can crawl up out of your toilet bowl from those uncovered vent pipes. sticking out of your roof! Google it online. (760,000 results). A really common problem. Plumbers charge over $1,000 if you get a nest!!

Dryer Vent Cleaning: 1 out of every 23 homes catches fire from the lint in your dryer vent. Must Clean every year. Save big on electric or on your gas bills. Clothes dry faster too!

Gutter Cleaning and Gutter Guards: Clean once a year. Or install Gutter Guards and then don’t clean them at all! (Save money!)

Wood or Gas Stove Inserts: Heats up to 2000 sq. ft of your home and use 60% less wood. I leave my stove on 24/7, whether I’m home or not.
Great during storms when you don’t have heat or lights! P.S. Stove pays for itself quickly because you’re saving a ton of fuel!

Animal Removal: Problems with squirrels, raccoons and bees nest I’m a licensed New York State Trapper. (I have the stitches to prove it!)

Attic Vents: Are they screened? Prevent squirrels, raccoons and birds from entering your home! They poop on and destroy your insulation. Chew thru your electrical wires causing shorts and sometimes fires.

Chimney Liners: By law must be installed inside any brick chimney that services a gas hot water heater, gas boiler or furnace or any high
efficiency oil boiler for safety reasons (carbon monoxide)! FACT: Plus 28.1 out of every 100 homes catches fire due to chimney.

Caulking: Prevents drafts. We seal windows and doors. Save fuel. Prevent dry rot. Look where chimney meets house.

Power Washing: Decks and walkways and homes. Roof Cleaning too!
Cement Work and Repainting and waterproofing!
Bees and wasp removal
Flea, Ticks and maggots removal from Fireplace Smoke Chamber. (Do it every time we remove an animal)
Air Ducts cleaned!
Antennas removed!
Stainless steel caps or copper caps
Fireplace glass doors installed
Oil and gas chimneys need cleaning every year! Why? Prevent fires, save fuel, prevent back puffs!
Stainless steel cleanout doors and ash dumps!
Bricks cleaned: Inside around fireplace or outside bricks!
Drafty fireplace? Damper door placed on top of chimney. Easy to open!

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